Detroit Bikes

Detroit Bikes Whether you are biking a twenty-mile commute to work everyday or haven't touched a bike in fifteen years, this bike is built with you in mind.

Detroit Bikes are built in a city with manufacturing prowess and deep traditions of bicycle production, touring, recreational riding, commuting, and racing. Each bike is cut, coped, bent, welded, painted, assembled and packaged in a 50,000 square-foot factory in west Detroit, and there are ample braze-ons to allow for customization.

  Fuji Bicycles

raleigh bicycles When you buy a Fuji, you not only buy a bicycle, but a piece of history. The Fuji Cycle Company has been around as long as the bicycle itself.

Fuji remains at the forefront of bicycle design. With the introduction of such major developments as Shimano component groups, suspension forks, oversized frame tubing and full-suspension designs, Fuji is poised to take cycling to the next millennium.

  Breezer Bikes

Breezer Bikes Since 1977 Breezer has been making mountain, transportation and road bikes. Breezer's legendary mountain bike designs have been known for great handling, light weight, and cutting edge Joe Breeze innovations. Breezer transportation bikes make it easy, simple and as fun as possible to choose your bike over your car. In Breezer's road bike, steel is the original bicycle frame material and has a ride quality that makes your bike sing. The 2014 Venturi is a celebration of this and much, much more.

  New Albion Cycles

New Albion CyclesNew Albion's bicycles meld the understated elegance of the golden age of cycling
with modern technology and thoughtful design.

Vintage bikes had just enough character without being overwhelming....kind of like a refreshing summer ale. New Albion recreates that feel for today's bikes.

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